We at Misty Farm and the Valley,  have the honor of including Frita Batidas on our preferred catering list.  We recommend them highly to our clients who are looking for a very high quality, local, and authentic cuisine. Not only is the food at Frita exceptional; but their staffing and service provided is a step above.. We love working with them and are proud to partner with themto make for a very successful event. 

Kelly Frutig 

Misty Farm & The Valley Historic Event Barns 

(734) 355-3543 

8040 Scio Church Rd.  Ann Arbor, MI 48103 

• • •

There are no words to describe Eve and her team who absolutely blew away all of our expectations when they catered our wedding September 23rd, 2017. First, when we went to our venue to do a final walk through about 2 months before our wedding day, Eve showed up with 8 team members to ensure that they knew exactly what was needed from them and what would be taken care of by the venue. They took rigorous notes and asked our venue coordinator for every single detail of the day. Eve then worked with us to make recommendations for our menu to ensure that our guests had the best culinary experience. She also helped us decide to serve the food family style to create a more communal environment that would encourage our guests to interact throughout the meal. The day of the wedding went impeccably with Eve and team. They showed up early and worked incredibly hard to ensure that our guests had an enjoyable time along with the most flavorful and colorful food. The entire cocktail hour, every guest stopped us to tell us how incredible the appetizers were (Eve completely created this menu on her own). For dinner, they accommodated our vegetarian guests and created a kid’s menu without us even asking. On Sunday, the parents of the children thanked us for the special menu and we had no idea that Eve had that planned. They served them chicken fingers and fruit. As for the rest of the guests, family style dining was fully embraced and our guests loved the communal aspect. Every single person we spoke with told us that it was the best wedding food that they have ever had. The flavors, the color, the community- this is what Frita Batidos prides itself on and being able to scale that to 150 guests speaks to Eve & team’s talent. Eve & team, thank you for the amazing experience and even more incredible food. We had our first date at your restaurant and we couldn’t have been more thankful for all of your hard work and effort on our biggest milestone since then! If you are a foodie that wants to treat your guests to an amazing culinary experience, Frita Batidos is what you need!

Jessie K from “The Knot”

• • •

Frita Batidos has been amazing to work with every time we need them (which is often for or many meetings and conferences)! They have catered breakfast and lunch on numerous occasions and are always prompt, professional, and provide such a wonderful presentation.

Eve, Tim, and PJ do a great job catering to many dietary needs and are very good at putting together a menu that will fit what you are looking for. I have never had a bad experience and I always receive feedback that the food was incredible.

They are very reliable and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Lauren Stier, Sr. 

Administrative Assistant

Faculty Academic Affairs    

College of Literature, Science, and the Arts |  University of Michigan

• • •

Best food of all time! If you want unique wedding food, go with fritas! Everyone kept saying how delicious it was all night long!

Kelsey L from “The Knot”

• • •

Chef Eve and the team at Frita Batidos are always so accommodating of our unique event

needs.  We always get rave reviews about the food when we serve Frita at our events,

whether it’s a casual student event or a formal dinner.

Katee Cole

Conferences and Events Manager

Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning  |  University of Michigan 

• • •

We worked with Eve to cater a welcome dinner following our rehearsal. She went above and beyond! They came in under budget with a fantastic spread. They managed to make a menu that pleased our vegan friends and our meat and potatoes loving parents. Everyone loved it!

Michael W from “The Knot”

• • •

As the Event Planner at the University of Michigan School of Social Work, it was important

to me that I use local, socially responsible vendors for catering events large and small.

I already knew that Frita Batido’s had great food but after hearing about their generosity

in helping Government Workers during the shut down, I went outside of our procured

vendors and contacted them about catering an event for the Dean and a

few of her associates. On very short notice not only did they accommodate an unusually

small order but it was delivered hot and setup exactly on time.

As predicted, the Dean and her guests loved the food. So much so that she requested

Frita’s to cater a celebratory event at her home. 20 years in restaurants, events and

catering and I have never heard so many people rave about the food. Whats even more

amazing is, that without straying from their traditional offerings, I was able to accommodate every guest regardless of dietary restrictions, allergies or aversions. While I most often have to use more than one caterer to provide delicious options for GF, vegan or vegetarian guests, Frita’s catered to everyone with integral, delicious choices. Additionally, the staff went above and beyond with a

beautiful set up, constant maintenance of the buffet and the sunniest of disposition when

answering questions, cleaning up and even helping clear tables.

As an extremely critical patron of catered events, I can say that Frita’s provided the best

food, service and overall experience I have ever attended or planned. From initial contact all the way through to the end of the event, the staff at Frita’s

gave me the confidence to focus on everything else knowing the catering would be seamless. I can not say enough good things about the entire experience and I implore you to use Frita’s for your next event.

You will not be disappointed and your guests will rave from start to finish.

Shannon Lavigne 


• • •

Frita Batidos is the amazing cuban inspired restauant opened by Chef Eve Aronoff. The decor is stark white with picnic tables with bits of blue and silver incorporated. It has a fresh and casual feel to it. Eve was nice enough to reserve 2 tables for us (we ended up taking over a third once we got there) for our rehearsal dinner. She worked with us to create an amazing menu which left everyone completely satisfied, and it fit within our budget. The ginger-lime juice and lemonade were freshly made, and there were vegetarian options provided for our guests. Everything was perfect! I highly recommend them for showers and rehearsal dinners alike

Miranda A from “The Knot”

• • •

November 30, 2012

Since moving to Ann Arbor over four years ago, Eve has been creating memorable experiences for me, my family and my colleagues. For every university catering event at my home, my first choice is always Eve. She is not only dependable and extremely professional, but she is also a lot of fun and has a great attitude to bring to every meal. Even with extremely short notice she manages to create incredible menus with diverse and well balanced flavors. Also, Eve knows how to source the best seasonal and local ingredients which is very important to me and my guests.

I have enjoyed Eve’s creations in several settings; restaurants, large catered events (over 60 guests) and small intimate dinners (around 8 guests) at my home. Frita Batidos has also catered large events at our college for faculty and students and they have always been a hit thanks to their exciting flavors, French ingredients and variety of dishes. 

I would highly recommend Eve to anyone. We have often had difficult requests and she has always adapted very quickly. She knows how to run a great business and a professional staff and one can depend on her to deliver an experience of the highest of standards every time.



Monica Ponce de Leon

Dean and Eliel Saarinen Collegiate Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning

• • •

To Whom It May Concern:

Each year when I start my ten hour journey on the road from New York to Ann Arbor for school, there is only one thing on my mind: Frita Batidos. I am a junior at the University of Michigan now, and ever since my freshman year when my dad stumbled across Frita (the bright white walls caught his eye from across the street and he just couldn’t resist walking in) it has become and will always remain our absolute favorite place to eat on campus. Coming from someone who grew up in New York with a seemingly endless supply of incredible restaurants on every corner, the quality of food and combination of flavors at Frita Batidos is on a whole new level.

Frita Batidos offers the perfect combination for students of gourmet and high-end food with a causal atmosphere and inexpensive prices. I would say the only complaint that students have is that they wish it wasn’t as far from campus so they would be able to eat there more often. A Frita Batidos catering service would directly meet this demand and provide a delicious, festive, and unique experience for any event on campus. The catering opportunities are endless: Football tailgating parties, student Greek life parties, student organization events, academic department events, and faculty meetings, just to name a few.

Frita Batidos recently catered a fundraising event for over 200 people on the front lawn of my sorority. People are still talking about how special and incredible the food was and it really made our event a huge success. The mini “Inspired Cuban” sandwiches were a hit with everyone, as were the twice-fried ripe plantains. And the students were literally devouring the mini churros! They even set up a long table covered in their signature banana leaves to add that unique Frita touch. The food tasted just as delicious as it does at the restaurant, and my whole sorority was blown away by the presentation. The staff went above and beyond our highest expectations with the service they provided for us – they handled everything extremely professionally, did a fantastic job setting up, and was unbelievably accommodating to all of our needs. We had such a great experience and cannot wait to plan our next event with them.

Anyone who has eaten at Frita Batidos will agree that it is incredible food that needs to be shared more on the University of Michigan campus. I believe that there is a great demand for higher quality catering services for student and University events, and there is no other restaurant that could provide a more memorable catering experience.

Jordan Korn

Treasurer – SDT Sorority

1405 Hill Street Ann Arbor, MI

• • •

December 6, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

While working for Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan as an Event Planner, I’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous caterers and chefs in the Ann Arbor area. I love working with Chef Eve and her staff at Frita Batidos because they consistently exceed our expectations. There are plenty of caterers who can make a good meal, but we continue to call on Frita Batidos for a variety of occasions because they always create unique events and memorable experiences for our guests.

At Taubman College we often host VIP guests from all over the world. When we want to make a great impression, we hire Chef Eve to cater formal, multi-course dinners. Whether we have months or just a few days to plan, she always creates a completely custom menu. Every meal is unique and delicious because they reflect seasonality and feature the highest quality, locally sourced products. What I particularly appreciate as an event planner is that Chef Eve will easily and thoughtfully incorporate any special requests, preferences or dietary restrictions into our menu.

They are also very versatile, offering catering services that can accommodate a variety of budgets. For more casual events like receptions, lunch meetings and dinners for students and faculty, we can choose from a great selection of sandwiches, fritas, and sides, right from the Frita Batidos menu. Even with a smaller event budget, they hold themselves to high standards for food quality and service, so they will always utilize fresh, quality ingredients, and environmentally friendly disposable products. What’s best is that when Chef Eve and Frita Batidos cater a casual gathering, they put the same love and care they put into our high-end seven course tasting events.

For any type of event, I know when I choose Chef Eve and Frita Batidos that I am guaranteed to receive amazing food and impeccable service. Chef Eve and her staff are detailed oriented, knowledgeable and helpful with every aspect of your event. Whether it’s been tables, linens, flowers, or last minute location changes, I have yet to find a special request they weren’t happy to accommodate. The entire college and I have always been extremely satisfied with the catering and service we have received while working with Chef Eve and Frita Batidos. For these reasons, we will continue to use their service for a variety of events in the future and highly recommend you consider them for your next dinner or event.


Kimberly Trombley

Meeting/Special Event Planner

Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

• • •

October 30, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Eve Aronoff and her team were an absolute dream to work with. When we started the wedding planning process we knew food was going to be one of the most important decisions we would make. Having been long time fans of Eve and her restaurants, we felt as if there wasn’t much of a decision to make—it would be Frita Batidos!

From the moment we made initial contact to the end of our wedding day, we were made to feel like we were the only clients in the world. Eve worked closely with us to make sure we had exactly what we wanted, while having great respect for our budget. She was beyond flexible when it came to every aspect of the catering experience. Adding waitstaff? No problem. Adjusting the menu? A breeze. Adding more wait staff and bar staff? Of course. Eve and Sarah were very prompt in responding to emails, whether they were general check-ins or revisions to our needs.

Come our wedding day, everything went beyond smoothly. Our biggest source of stress was the one thing we couldn’t control: will all of our vendors show up at the appropriate time with everything they are supposed to have? The Fritas crew arrived early, and this immediately took a huge amount of stress of our shoulders. After their arrival, we never heard from them, as they got right to work and knew exactly what they needed and how to get it done.

As far as the quality and presentation of the meal went, we and our guests were blown away. For our final menu we decided on pulled pork and BBQ beef sliders on brioche buns, BSE (Best Snack Ever), twice-fried garlic plantains, and churros with chocolate Español. The brioche melted in our mouths; the pork had the perfect amount of spice; the beef was flavorful with that perfect BBQ “tang”. The Muenster cheese and the spicy kick, took the BSE from being a rice side dish, to a star of the meal. Now the plantain dish was what I was truly looking forward to it, as it has been a favorite of mine since Frita Batidos first opened its doors. To put it succinctly, this dish did not disappoint. I’m not a big sweet person, but the churros and chocolate Español were unreal. In fact, I saw some of our guests just drinking the chocolate without the churros! Each of the dishes were just as fresh and delicious had we ordered them at the restaurant.

Eve, Sarah, and the rest of their crew went out of their way to make certain everything went smoothly and perfectly. I’d be more than happy to discuss our experiences in further detail, if you’d like!


Leslie Promenchenkel